in'Wealth Management


VALOORES in'Wealth Management transforms the way wealth management service providers serve and empower their affluent and high net-worth customers. In' Wealth Management offers a comprehensive, web-enabled and integrated application for managing the entire wealth management business cycle. With In' Wealth Management, banks can plan, record, track and manage the overall wealth of a customer across a range of asset classes and instruments. This results in increased financial advisor productivity and improved customer relationships.


  • Improved customer relationships
  • Higher advisory productivity
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Ability to provide trusted and transparent advice
  • Higher cross-sell
  • Ability to leverage existing IT assets
  • Superior compliance and risk management
  • Improved business metrics


  • Advisor-managed and self-managed wealth management delivery
  • Financial Planning on the go, using tablets or mobile phones
  • Productivity tools, collaborative dashboards and configurable alerts
  • Seamless interaction between the customers and wealth managers
  • Multi-asset class, multi-portfolio, multi-currency support
  • Scientific portfolio performance measurement and analytics
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Open integration framework
  • Ease of use and robust security