Development & Management Processes

After more than 25 years of experience and success in the Retail Industry, VALOORES continues to provide professional solutions matched to specific business requirements against uniquely developed software systems; mixing business’ best practices (the essence of our in'Suite) with the specificities of each of our Retail Clients.

Best practices in planning and organization

The following section describes the processes, procedures and functionalities involved in delivering organizational projects, their testing phases and follow-up processes, highlighting our expertise in all business and technical fundamentals:
Extracting, transforming and loading the data
Automating business processes and saving valuable administrative time
Building reports for strategic decision making
Editable profiles with levels of security

Our extensive experience adds value and strength to our development and management processes, ensuring quality, integrity and profitable return on our client’s investments. VALOORES is proud to offer intelligent merchandising and marketing software solutions, which have been designed, developed and implemented all in our laboratory, focusing on strategy and project management, quality assurance and versions management.

Extracting, transforming and loading the data Automating business processes & saving administrative time
Editable profiles with levels of security Building reports for strategic decision making

Implementation & QA
Describes the processes adopted by VALOORES for quality assurance and project management.

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Development & IDE Framework
Describes the integrity of in'Suite and reassures retailers a smooth transition and merge with implemented solutions.

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Architecture & Infrastructure
Provides key features of software solutions developed with stability and flexibility in mind compared to other competitive offerings.

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