valoores and You: Our Mutual Commitement

valoores, the leading provider of merchandising decision-support software for the retail industry, accelerates the recruitment of experienced IT experts, Banking professionals and recent university graduates as part of its global expansion plans in the valoores Intelligent Banking Solutions. We invite you to join a multicultural and international company, where you can use your knowledge in IT and Banking to broaden your skills in acquiring a strategic vision in this field.

Required Profiles

valoores is recruiting experienced hires as well as fresh graduates from business or engineering schools and from universities. POSITIVE ATTITUDES AND BEHAVIORS ARE KEY SKILLS IN OUR SELECTION OF CANDIDATES. valoores needs persons who can demonstrate the following skills:

Personal Management Skills:

Positive Attitudes and Behaviors

  • Self-esteem and confidence
  • Honesty, integrity and personal ethics
  • A positive attitude toward learning, growth and personal health
  • Initiative, energy and persistence to get the job done


  • The ability to set goals and priorities in work and personal life
  • The ability to plan and manage time, money and other resources to achieve goals
  • Accountability for action taken


  • A positive attitude towards change
  • Recognition of and respect for people’s diversity and individual differences
  • Identify and access learning sources and opportunities

Continuous Learning

  • Assess personal strengths and areas for development
  • Set your own learning goals and plan to achieve them
  • Identify and access learning sources and opportunities

Teamwork Skills:

Work with others

  • Understand and contribute to the organization’s goals
  • Understand and work within the culture of the group
  • Plan and make decisions with others and support the outcomes
  • Respect the thoughts and opinions of others in the group
  • Exercise “give and take” to achieve group results
  • Seek a team approach as appropriate
  • Lead when appropriate, mobilizing the group for high performance

Participate in Projects and Tasks

  • Plan, design or carry out a project/task from start to finish with well defined objective and outcomes
  • Develop a plan, seek feedback, test, revise and implement
  • Select and use appropriate tools and technology for a task or project
  • Continuously monitor the success of a project/task and identify ways to improve

Fundamental Skills:


  • Understand and speak the languages in which business is conducted
  • Listen to, understand and learn
  • Read, comprehend and use written materials including graphs, charts and displays
  • Write effectively in the languages in which business is conducted
  • Share information using a range of information and communication technology

Think and Solve Problems

  • Think critically and act logically to evaluate situations, solve problems and make decisions
  • Understand and solve problems involving mathematics and use the results
  • Use technology, instruments, tools and information systems effectively
  • See different points of view and evaluate them based on facts
  • Identify the root cause of a problem
  • Be creative and innovative in exploring possible solutions
  • Evaluate, implement and act on opportunities for improvement

Participate in Projects and Tasks

  • Locate, gather and organize information using appropriate technology and information systems put at your disposal by valoores.

Our Job and Internship opportunities

Attracting the best

We expect our new hires to meet highly demanding standards, in terms of both background and qualifications. But we also offer good career opportunities, in various disciplines.

Valuing our differences

One of Soft Solution’s core strengths is its diversity, a key factor driving progress across the organization.We are committed to eliminating any trace of discrimination in our hiring and career advancement practices, to promoting gender equality in the workplace and increasing the number of women in management roles, and to integrating and retaining people with disabilities.