Investor Relations Financial Performance - in'IRFP


Investor Relations (IR) is the communication of information about a business and its financial performance to the investment community, which comprises of existing and potential shareholders. It combines finance, communication, and marketing to effectively control the flow of information between a public company, its investors, and its stakeholders.

Investors play a major and vital role in the success and growth of a company. Because of that fact, it’s of the utmost importance for companies to maintain strong, transparent relationships with investors. This is where the IR department of a company comes into play.
Investor Relations function may be handled by:

  • Outside consultants
  • An individual within a firm
  • A department within a firm
Investor relations is one of the most important specializations among the subdivisions of public relations. They enable investors to make informed decisions; make sure that a firm’s stock is fairly traded through disclosure of important facts for allowing investors to evaluate if a firm is a good investment or not.

Key Benefits:

  • Maintain a loyal shareholder base and Enhance long-term Shareholder Value
  • Ensure receptive Capital Markets for future financing at favorable terms
  • Lower the cost of capital and Build long-term credibility with the investment community
  • Gain new insights with dynamic, automated dashboards, and unlimited drill down
  • Observe the rules of securities commissions and stock exchanges
  • Perform deep company and industry research
  • Track Investor Interactions and the Impact
  • Access Sell-side research offered by Sell-side Analysts
  • Gain insight into Buy-side Decision-Making
  • Monitor Outreach efforts and Plan Investor Meetings
  • Analyze Complex Data and Customize Presentations with dynamic charting capabilities

Key Features:

  • in’IRFP - Deep Company and Industry Research
  • Identify and Leverage Key Relationships
  • Generate Better Ideas and Targets
  • Monitor Companies and Markets
  • Bridge investors with Company Management and Board
  • Build and Maintain Models and Presentations
  • Achieve Optimum Share Price that reflects a Company’s fundamental value
  • Provide Financial and Nonfinancial Information to Investors in a timely and accurate way

Investor Relations Goals

  • Enable the company to achieve the optimum share price that reflects the fundamental value of the company
  • Represent the company to investors and representing investors to the company
  • Provide financial information to investors (retail and institutional) in a timely and accurate way
  • Provide nonfinancial data to support company valuations
  • Observe the rules of securities commissions and stock exchanges
  • Not aggressive sales promotion or “closing”
  • Present investor feedback to company management and board
  • Build receptive capital markets for future financing at favorable terms

in’IRFP - Deep Company and Industry Research

  • Analyze company performance with in’IRFP’s industry-leading financial data items (including industry-specific metrics). Financials are adjusted for nonrecurring charges, to enhance comparability, and are auditable down to the source documents.
  • ap into deep fundamental data covering equities, fixed income, capital structure, credit ratings, transactions, private equity firm profiles, ownership, business relationships and more.
  • View extensive pricing and market data across all major quoted markets including equities, mutual funds, fixed income, indices, commodities, currencies and interest rates.
  • Create a comparable analysis instantly for companies, transactions, and fixed income securities.
  • Observe the rules of securities commissions and stock exchanges
  • A Credit Health Panel is made available to assess how risky a company is, and how it is performing as compared to other rated and unrated companies.
  • Access to an extensive collection of broker and independent research reports from leading investment banks, high-quality regional brokers, boutiques and independents from around the world, is made feasible.
  • Gauge analyst sentiment with in’IRFP’s consensus and detailed estimates as well as industry-specific estimates.

Monitor Companies and Markets

  • Access a real-time coverage of streaming quotes, news, and charts, set through watch lists.
  • View market snapshots for indices, mutual funds, futures, options, currencies and commodities.
  • Build targeted email alerts for news and transactions affecting a given industry or list of companies.
  • Get quick overviews on companies that matter, including events and transcripts, analyst estimates and updated financial performance.
  • Detect credit deterioration for rated and unrated companies using credit risk indicators.
  • A set of portfolio management tools to quickly analyze a portfolio’s performance, characteristics, and risk exposure.
  • A mobile app for instant access to pricing, news, financials, research, transcripts, filings and more.

Identify and Leverage Key Relationships

  • Detailed profiles on private and public company executives, board members, and investment professionals.
  • Individual’s relationship network mapping based on employment history, education, and board memberships.
  • Contact and relationship connection data to an individual or a company.

Generate Better Ideas and Targets

  • Screening tools to screen on a vast combination of financial, qualitative, and event-driven criteria, such as management changes, corporate guidance changes, and insider trading. Create workflow alerts to track changes and pull out results for deeper analysis.
  • Targeting tools are made available to search, find, and rank potential buyers and investors based on investment criteria, stages of interest, transaction history and financials.
  • A team of subject matter experts is made available for research services impacting the investment strategy, beside assisting in model conversion, onboarding, and advanced training.

Building and Maintaining Effective Models and Presentations

  • Build Financial Models and complete Data Analysis.
  • Capacity to quickly and easily import data such as financial market, company, alongside competitor data and filings.
  • Build information sets and audit underlying calculations; link back data items to source documents.
  • Streamline the model and the presentation creation process.
  • Generate detailed reports for a company or list of companies using in’Reporting.
  • Customize the report’s content, display order, style and layout.

VALOORES in’IRFP - Analytics

Event Analytics Dashboard

  • View the results of meetings by leveraging advanced analytics and visualization technology applied to the contact and event data
  • Refine the engagement strategy based on findings presented in an interactive dashboard
  • Filter events by time period, participants, and event type, then drill down to granular details; all within a single view

Buy-Side Analytics Dashboard

  • Focus on specific investor markets of interest, and get a quick view of the top holders overlaid with the event metrics
  • Access public data or leverage real-time positions’ insight
  • Filter investors by positions they hold in the stock, and specific investment characteristics

Peer Analytics Dashboard

  • Understand how buying and selling in the stock relates to firm and fund movements among the peers
  • Filter by target lists or advisory targeting recommendations, to automatically plot changes in investor holdings across the stock and the chosen peer list
  • View specific investors by buying and selling trend, then drill down into funds for additional details

Analytics Key Benefits

  • Gain new insights with dynamic, automated dashboards, that deliver ownership, targeting, content, with contact and event data; aggregated, analyzed, and presented in views designed specifically for IROs
  • Seamlessly pivot in dashboards and drill down into data points with workflow integration
  • Real-time ownership and Advisory Services targeting integration

Engagement Effectiveness / Event Analytics Dashboard

  • Track investor interactions and the impact of those interactions in the Event Analytics Dashboard. Quickly uncover the link between the investors you meet with and the materiality of those meetings with overlaid ownership and targeting analysis.

Targeting and Ownership

  • Buy-Side Analytics Dashboard
    o Replace multiple reports with a single dashboard that aggregates investor information with meeting data in a dynamic map view, and allows you to drill down to specific investor data points.
  • Peer Analytics Dashboard
    o Uncover new insights, better understand movements in the stock and peers, and spot new engagement opportunities with this aggregated view of investor behavior.
VALOORES in’IRFP Analytics is a platform designed and tailored to the Investor Relations Officers (IROs) needs, alongside global financial executives. With VALOORES in’IRFP Analytics, users can manage all components of their IR program:
  • Access sell-side research, targeted questions and insights, offered by sell-side analysts
  • Gain insight into buy-side decision- making; access buy-side firms, funds and contact data
  • Facilitate investor targeting with insight into the drivers behind trading decisions and investor profiles
  • Monitor outreach efforts and plan investor meetings; manage company roadshows and other events
  • Analyze complex data and customize presentations with dynamic charting capabilities