in’Kernel solution acting as the information warehouse for Valoores is indeed the core element of the entire Suite. It is a comprehensive set of execution tools that enable the user to perform contextual actions based on the Valoores Suite information.

in’Kernel, provides users with simple and user friendly solutions by giving a single access point to different interrelated applications, managing users and access rights, automating the process, consolidating and reporting information, communicating with external systems and translating all solutions to different languages.

Tools we provide:

  • Unique Dashboard to access all information and take actions from one point to all applications that provides in one place: Favorites, KPI’s, alerts, to do list, reports and much more
  • System securing and managing users by providing accesses on screen and on displayed data while providing reports and logs
  • Workflow tool used for automating daily activities including task coordination, scheduling follow-ups, application maintenance and user alerts based on events and performance metrics
  • Reporting gathers consolidated data that creates and generates reports, a comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) tool that can be run manually or automatically, and subsequently accessed from different places
  • Integration used for exchange of information in smooth way supporting existing client legacy applications
  • Multi-Language a fully configurable tool that work simultaneously with any language to translate content depending on user preference


  • Access to information at the right time, in a single place
  • Alert users in real time and Work in an Optimal Way
  • Automate action and report generation
  • Control access depending on profiles and roles
  • Parameterize services
  • Follow-up actions
  • Simplifies exchange with external Systems
  • Work with information and screens in multiple languages on the same environment

Valoores in’Kernel

“Making your daily work easier, faster and more practical- Increasing productivity is here”

If you are really looking for a core solution that gathers different tools under one umbrella, which can minimize the margin of error, the time effort and increase your productivity by never missing any information or report. What you really need to have is in’Kernel.