Client Support

We at VALOORES believe that good relationships are the ones that last longer; this is why our work does not stop once our solutions are implemented. VALOORES Client Support is a service that we provide to our customers, as part of getting closer to our business partners by supporting all their requirements starting with post implementation and from this point forward.

Post Implementation & Ongoing:

VALOORES’ standard SLA contract includes the following (hh/dw):
  • Reactivity on support for blocking or critical production issues in 4 hours or less (24/7)
  • Reactivity on support for major issues in 12 hours or less (24/7)
  • Reactivity on support for minor issues 48 hours or less (12/5)
  • Standard Business and Technical support and help desk (12/7)
  • Non-standard technical and business support by incident.
  • Enhancement and program change management

If needed, VALOORES can extend the SLA based on the customer’s requirements by providing embedded support personnel in different models (technical, business, environment or DB) at the customer site in regular (8/5), extended (12/7) or full (24/7) coverage.

Preventive maintenance is embedded in the nightly, weekly, monthly and yearly processes that are part of the application. Additional checks, monitoring, review and recommendations can be added to our SLA.

Product updates are planned based on the customer’s requirements, the urgency of the enhancement and the testing cycle. VALOORES can also coordinate the release and update calendar with the customer to ensure proper planning, testing and deployment while minimizing the risk to the application.

New, and change requests, will be approached and revisited based on the different types of profiles, added on top of the maintenance fees, and weighed in against being considered as a road map / market need / product evolution, or specific to the customer.

Configuration support is provided during the implementation phase and is provided as part of the SLA in a standard or non-standard delivery.

Product new releases (major/minor) will be part of the yearly maintenance terms and conditions.


24x7 support is provided for application support and availability, streamlined through a Dispatch-to-SME procedure, to ensure an immediate response; we provide up to 4 hours reactivity to resolution for critical production issues, and up to 48 hours for non-critical or blocking – usually handled under 24 hours.