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Banks have a number of very unique needs when looking ahead. They must be sensitive to economic conditions and create plans that not only forecast future performance, but also the forward risks they are assuming. Most importantly, they require tools that accurately forecast net interest margin. By accurately modeling the detailed and complex events on a bank’s balance sheet for both the current book of business and forecasted new volumes, VALOORES Financial Services Balance Sheet Planner enables the delivery of accurate margin forecasts and comprehensive, meaningful budgets.

Maximizing Productivity and Accountability

Putting together a bank’s plan is a juggling act. You need to combine sophisticated analytical techniques and complex models into an extensive business process often incorporating thousands of individuals across the institution. VALOORES Financial Services Balance Sheet Planner provides a unique combination of analytical sophistication with the robust workflow and business process tools needed for efficient planning. VALOORES Financial Services Balance Sheet Planner leverages the strengths of in’Profitability Management Planner to facilitate the planning and budgeting process via:

  • Common task lists
  • Workflow notifications
  • Automatic synchronization with other planning activities, such as capital expenditure and work force planning
  • Status tracking by business unit
  • Seeded data entry forms, making initial budget inputs easier
  • Version management
Many organizations fail to establish a logical link between the budget and historical performance measurement metrics. Planners are asked to put in assumptions about balance sheets outstanding with no clear notion of what is happening with their current books of business. Moreover, budget targets are often expressed as volume numbers or counts, without an underlying understanding of what impact those new volumes will have on margins. With VALOORES Financial Services Balance Sheet Planner, the metrics you use to measure historical performance, such as net interest margin, risk adjusted returns, spreads from transfer rates, and allocated costs and capital, are all incorporated into the planning tool. As a result, you can now compare apples with apples, and the budget information has more relevance to line units.

Measurement to Management

VALOORES Financial Services Balance Sheet Planning provides the vital connection between your budgeting process and the day-to-day performance of your financial organization. This solution:

  • Measures future performance in the same manner as historical results for consistent comparison purposes with increased relevance
  • Offers the modeling sophistication required for accurate margin forecasting at both the tactical and strategic level
  • Includes an easy and accessible user interface, providing quick feedback on the impact of your assumptions on profitability
  • Enables the creation of distinct business strategies and precisely quantifies their influence on future performance
  • Provides a planner solution pre-built from the ground up specifically for financial organizations, not a generic planning toolkit

Comprehensive, Streamlined Planner

VALOORES Financial Services Balance Sheet Planner provides a solution that encompasses all aspects of the Planner process, including profit Planner, budgeting and forecasting, strategy formulation, human resource Planner, and capital expenditure budgeting. VALOORES Financial Services Balance Sheet Planner eliminates multiple disparate and incompatible systems in the development of a complete, reconciled plan. With an intuitive interface, the process of data dissemination, collection, and reporting is greatly simplified, and plans are produced in a remarkably efficient manner. The result is a budgeting process that provides more valuable, actionable information.

Multidimensional Planning, Reporting, and Analysis

VALOORES Financial Services Balance Sheet Planner uses a multidimensional data model specifically designed for the planning requirements of financial organizations. It stores data in a manner that not only supports optimal performance, but also provides OLAP-based planning, reporting, and analytic capabilities.
Using the application’s flexible interface, based upon in’Profitability Management Planner, you can analyze key information across multiple dimensions, including products, account line items, business units, time periods, and strategies. It is flexible enough to even incorporate customer segments or geographies.The foundation of in’Profitability Management Planner allows you to update and report on plans using familiar tools such as Microsoft Office Excel, PowerPoint and Word.
The planning solution allows you to take your plans offline using Excel, change plans at your convenience, and connect back to the central database to synchronize your updates and submit changes for cash flow engine processing. In addition, you can directly integrate data from the planning database into PowerPoint and Word, allowing for quick creation of highly customized reports, and automatically refresh the reports when the underlying data changes.

Incorporating Fee and Operating Expense Planning

VALOORES Financial Services Balance Sheet Planner is a predefined module that works with VALOORES in’Profitability Management Planning. The VALOORES in’Profitability Management Planning platform enables usage of standard planning features, functions and interfaces within the Financial Services Balance Sheet Planner module in the development of detailed plans for non-interest income and expense accounts. Other modules available for deployment with in’Profitability Management Planning that support the development of detailed salary and benefit and capital expenditure plans include:

  • VALOORES’s in’Profitability Management Workforce Planning lets you quickly and efficiently plan for head count, salary, and compensation across the enterprise. By automatically connecting with your workforce data, it helps you assess the business impact of your workforce decisions in real time.
  • VALOORES’s in’Profitability Management Capital Expense Planning allows you to plan existing and new capital assets, maintenance, transfers, and depreciation while analyzing their impact on income, balance sheet, and cash flow.
The VALOORES Financial Services Balance Sheet Planner module perfectly complements the above functionality via the ability to generate balance sheet balances and interest income/expense cash flow projections using the same cash flow engine supporting the other VALOORES Financial Services Analytical Applications -- VALOORES Financial Services Asset Liability Management and VALOORES Financial Services Funds Transfer Pricing -- and leveraging the same detailed account level data for understanding future events, such as cash flow activity related to your current book of business. This approach maximizes accuracy for current book projections and ensures the same, common scrubbed and reliable source data is used by all of the VALOORES Financial Services Analytical Applications. The end result is an unparalleled planning solution for financial services institutions, supporting creation of complete and accurate plans in all areas of the balance sheet and income statement.

Integrating All Facets of Performance Management

VALOORES’s Financial Services Analytical Applications provide you with integrated solutions based on “industry best practice” components. You can assemble solutions with confidence because all the pieces (data, analytics, business rules, hierarchies, and reporting) fit together. Although designed for delivery on an integrated basis, each of these product components can:

  • Stand on its own as a best-of-breed solution
  • Undergo implementation in any order on either a simple or sophisticated basis.
  • Support ongoing evolution of analytical methodologies
By using VALOORES’s financial services applications, you can select where and when to process results, based on your combination of business processes. The core strengths of VALOORES Financial Services Balance Sheet Planner—its scalability, ability to accept data from any source, trustworthy results, multidimensional reporting, and sophisticated analysis capabilities—enable you and your organization to understand and then act upon the information to deliver real results.


  • Accurately plan business unit level margin and profit with common cash flow engines shared with VALOORES ALM and FTP applications
  • Determine accurate current position due to customer relationship level details
  • Develop regulatory capital requirements and capital plans based on budgeted balance sheet data
  • Deliver actionable insight across multiple dimensions
  • Implement as a stand-alone application or fully integrate with ALM and FPT

Key Features

Consistency and Control

  • Establish a consistent, company-wide way of measuring performance, whether it be actuals or forecast
  • Use customer relationship level data for the greatest possible accuracy
  • Choose your own drill-down, subtotal, and aggregation levels
  • Control modeling assumptions centrally or at the business unit level

Budgeting, Planning, and Forecasting for Banks

  • Model financial instrument behavior both on and off the balance sheet
  • Incorporate matched maturity transfer pricing into forecasts
  • Forecast using interactive cells displaying both historical and projected information
  • Distribute higher level forecast amounts across accounts, business units, and time periods
  • Pivot and arrange the information to view information in the most convenient fashion
  • Evaluate an unlimited number of “what if” scenarios
  • Integrate views of business unit activity with bank-wide objectives and projected economic conditions
  • Consolidate both results and assumptions to higher levels
  • Evaluate the reasonableness of your forecast assumptions and results
  • Provide immediate forecast feedback
  • Revise forecasts as needed by modifying individual accounts, without processing all your data
  • Carry assumptions forward to develop rolling forecasts