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VALOORES is one of the global leading providers of Enterprise Management & Decision Making solutions. Established in 1989, VALOORES operates in ten countries. We are a world class company providing products and services to global Mega Tier 1 enterprises. Read More

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  • in'Risk Compliance

    VALOORES in'Risk Compliance helps you reach your goals, to allow your organization to be fully prepared for unpredictable events.

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  • in'Profit

    VALOORES in'Profit drives a company’s profitability. Rich, intelligent & compliant to international standards are in‘Profit’s bread and butter.

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  • in'Data Governance

    With the popularity of implementing business intelligence (BI) applications, it is vital for Banks and Financial Institutions to manage the Master Data Management (MDM) in order to offer a consistent and centralized view of the data across the enterprise’s systems.

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  • in'Marketing Optimization

    Get the flexibility you need to keep up with evolving customer expectations, demographics, and demand with VALOORES in'Campaign, in'Pricing & in'Deals.

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  • in'Analytics

    Predictive analytics and forecasting are becoming more essential for organizations due to high competitive markets.

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  • in'Kernel

    VALOORES in'Kernel lets you manage the workforce, fortify diversity, automate processes while maintaining task traceability to reinforce accountability.

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  • in'Payment Services

    VALOORES in'Payment is a complete payment and receipt processing solution that enables efficient, reliable and secure financial transactions. It lowers costs and improves control by integrating out-of-the-box with major processors and financial institutions.

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  • in'Asset Management

    Offers solutions in middle-office and back-office functions enabling key capital market players like asset managers, custodians, broker/dealers, fund administrators to retain competitive advantage in a dynamic market environment.

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  • in'Cards Merchant

    VALOORES in'Cards Merchant is a single solution for all your card management activities. From forecasting issuance and fulfilment to file management and reporting.

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Why Choosing VALOORES in'Banking?

The search for a better BI solution stops here. At VALOORES, our objective is to provide you with the only Dashboard, Business Intelligence and Analytics Solutions you’ll need for your business. With VALOORES’ powerful and intuitive BI and Analytics Solutions, you stay connected to your data wherever you are in the world with our technology. Our highly incorporated BI solution optimizes the usage of the large data transforming it into readable, reliable and relevant information. Engage with your peers and your customers. Share your data with just a click using our advanced Dashboard solutions. VALOORES solutions are designed with you in mind, for real people using real data making important business decisions that will positively impact growth and overall performance of organizational results. We give you the right solutions to bring you intuitive, intelligent, sharable information to keep you two steps ahead of the competition. Read More


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in’AML solution provides an enterprise platform enabling efficient detection, investigation, and reporting of suspected money laundering and terrorist financing activity. It helps financial institutions tackle risk & compliance problems.

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in'Profit solution drives a company’s profitability. Rich, intelligent & compliant to international standards are in‘Profit’s bread and butter. Instant decision making tool with wide range of analytics.

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in'IFRS9 solution is built on a logical, single classification and measurement approach for financial assets. It will accommodate you to cope with the new tsunami of Compliance, Regulations and Risk Management in 2018.

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"VALOORES today and BoB Finance, there's a lot of synergy between both teams. And whenever we face an issue they are always ready to step in and help us out". ~ BoB Finance